Our vision : Modular Robotics

At Galam Robotics, our goal is to develop and promote a brand new technology: modular robotics.

We are convinced that this innovation will radically transform many businesses. We want to be the actors of this future revolution, and are already proposing a solution for urban logistics.

Our product : "TAK-ONE", the robotic solution for urban retail storage

TAK-ONE is the first fully modular storage robot. Similar to a giant Rubik's Cube, it is:
-   Extremely compact
-   Fast
-   Adaptable to all environments

TAK-ONE is designed for all Retail players wishing to increase the productivity and compactness of their in-store storage or logistics hubs.

Discover our solution in the video below:

Who are we?

We are two passionate founders, combining technical skills and industrial experience. We founded Galam Robotics in 2018 with the ambition to make modular robotics a concrete solution to urban logistics challenges.

Samuel Perez

"Passionate about modular robotics, I decided to create Galam Robotics to provide an innovative solution to storage issues."

Jonathan Levy

" After 10 years in the industry business, and driven by the desire to deploy new technologies, I embarked with Samuel on the Galam Robotics adventure! "

They support us

Arts et Métiers incubator, the reference in technological product development.

the "Industry" branch of WILCO, the leading accelerator in Ile-de-France

Lafayette Plug&Play accelerator, specialized in Retail

They awarded us

Galam Robotics won the innovation competition organized in 2018 by the Galilé industrial group

Galam Robotics won the grand prize organized by Investessor, the leading network of Business Angels in France

Galam Robotics was awarded as "Rookie of the Year" at the Paris Retail Week Exhibition

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